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The idea behind the DontDisplayLastUsername registry tweak is to tighten security, particularly on communal machines. The default registry setting means that the logon dialog box displays the last username. If it`s your own machine, where no-one else ever logs on - fine, don`t change the setting.

However, if it`s a communal machine, then one user can inadvertently, or even deliberately, lockout another user`s account. Solution: DontDisplayLastUsername = 1.

  • Launch Regedit.
  • Navigate to:
  • Set: DontDisplayLastUsername = 1

Tip: In regedit, click on the Edit menu, `Find`: DontDisplayLastUsername

To see the effect, try a Logoff / Logon to the Vista Machine

Double check the logic of `don`t display the last username` (1 = Yes: don`t. Whereas, 0 = No: Do)

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