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Windows Vista has many new features that are designed to help older computers run Windows Vista better. One of those features and the topic of this tweak is called ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost helps your computer by giving it more high-speed memory. If your computer is running low on RAM then it has to kick a lot of applications out of high-speed physical memory to the paging file on your hard drive. This usually results in a big hit in performance and increased activity on your hard drive. ReadyBoost helps this situation by giving Windows an alternative to having to stick data into the slow paging file on your hard drive. Instead, ReadyBoost uses a USB storage device that is faster than a hard disk. This results in a performance boost because Windows will have a high speed alternative than using the slow paging file on your hard drive.

In order for ReadyBoost to work, it requires a USB storage device that meets minimum performance and space requirements:

  • The device must be at least 64 MB

  • The device must be USB 2.0

  • It has to be able to read at 3.5 MB/s

  • It has to be able to write at 2.5 MB/s

If you are unsure if your USB storage device meets these requirements, just give it a try anyways. To get started using ReadyBoost, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in USB storage device.

  2. Go to Computer and right click on the removable storage device and select Properties.

  3. If your device is compatible, you will see a ReadyBoost tab. Click on that.

  4. Select Use this device and select the amount of space on it you want to dedicate for the ReadyBoost system file.

  5. Click OK and you are finished.

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