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Running Windows through the Linux operating system allows you to run Windows-only programs and games without having to dual boot or make frequent switches between Windows and Linux. The VMware program enables you to install Windows on Linux.

  1. Log onto the VMware official Web site (see Resources below). Click the “Evaluate Now” button located in the center of the page. After you download the Linux version of VMware, get an evaluation license.

  2. Unload the packaged VMware files by entering “tar -zxvf Vmware-x.x.x-xxx.tar.gz” in the command prompt.

  3. Move the VMware files to a new directory. Type "mv vmware-distrib /usr/local/src" into the command prompt. Open the new directory by typing "cd /usr/local/src/vmware-distrib" and then "ls" in the command prompt.

  4. Run the VMware installation process. Type "./" and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

  5. Change directories to start VMware once installation is complete. Enter "cd /usr/local/vmware" into the command prompt. Then type "./vmware".

  6. Change the name of your evaluation license to "license." The program will tell you where to relocate the file. Choose "Run the Configuration Wizard" and click “Next.”

  7. Select the version of Windows to install based on whatever system disk you have. The wizard will ask you where you want install it. Choose a location and click "New Virtual Disk."

  8. Insert your Windows Disc into your CD drive. Click the “Power On” button located on your virtual machine. The installation guide appears. Follow the instructions to install. Windows will boot automatically when installation is finished.

Tips and Warnings
Download VMware tools to improve the performance of your virtual Windows operating system.

Partitioning Linux to run Windows will make both operating systems run faster.

Running Windows and Linux requires a lot of hard drive space. Minimum RAM requirements are at least 64 megabytes.

Don’t expect Windows running as a virtual machine to be as fast as the real thing.

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