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Posted On 2009-01-06 by dwirch
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After installing the Exchange System Manager on your workstation, you may run into integration problems between Outlook and Office Communicator. You may also note that you are not able to send email; your outbox will remain populated, no messages will go outbound.

If you don''t require the integration aspect of Office Communicator, you can just turn it off, with this procedure:

  1. Open the options dialog in Office Communicator.
  2. Under the "Personal Information Manager" heading, change the drop-down box to read "None".
  3. Click Ok.
  4. Close and re-open Communicator.

However, if you require Outlook integration, for example to save conversations in the History folder, you can fix the integration issue relatively easily.
  1. Close Communicator.
  2. Click, Start, Run, and enter "fixmapi" in the field.
  3. The fixmapi command executes silently on your machine so you won''t notice anything happening.
  4. Reboot

After rebooting, the problem should be solved.

It should be noted that installing ESM and Outlook on the same machine is not supported by Microsoft.

Both programs utilize a file called mapi32.dll, but are different bits for different purposes. When ESM installs, the Outlook version of mapi32.dll is overwritten, breaking Outlook.

Running the fixmapi command will "put back" the Outlook version of the file, restoring functionality. Exchange System Tools will continue to function normally as well.

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