How to Seize Design Essentials?

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Design is a world of both art and science. It needs skill and technology in order to succeed. In addition, you can achieve success in this field if you are knowledgeable of the important basics of design. Design is a process. It has to be purposeful, arty and informational. You need to be meticulous with its essentials. Design essentials include color, fonts, shape, texture, dynamism, animation, photography and the principles of using artwork.

You are what colors you use. If you do not want to be misinterpreted, then be cautious when choosing your colors because colors represent changeable characters and identities. It is sometimes relative to culture, age, gender and the likes.

Font is as equally important as other essentials. The advisable size of a point ranges from 10-12, less or more than that can be disastrous and may be hard to read. If you are not sure of what font to use, stick to conventional fonts like Times New Roman and Arial.
Shape gives contour to your work of art. It gives an aura of formality, trickiness, femininity or masculinity of a given art. Bear in mind though that simplicity must be upheld. Being simple is still attractive.

Texture creates the feel of your masterpiece. At the very onset, you can feel the warmth, cheerfulness or gloom of a site. It tells whether the appearance is boring or not. Be aware though that viewers are easily devastated so as much as possible create a pleasant site. Not only pleasant to the eyes but to all our senses to make a good impression.

Dynamism means lively, energetic and functional. Your site must cater to the needs of the viewers. It must not only be pretty but ‘meaty’ as well. It must be informative and gives the visitors what they want.

Animation is the effects using moving images to convey a message. They can be very entertaining on the part of the visitors. If you have it in your site, you can be assured that your visitors will not be bored because they need not read the content. The image will just convey the message to them.

Photography is another essential element. They say that picture paints a thousand words so if you don’t want to narrate use pictures to do it for you. You need not go into details when you have photographs to discuss the matter that easy.

Above anything else use the principles of using artwork at your own advantage. You can experiment though, because art is all about expression and idiosyncrasy.

Design is a visual language. Thus, you must aim for comprehension. To achieve this you must be clear, concise and functional in presenting your design.

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