HTML Tutorial Chapter 2

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Headings are some of the most important tags within the BODY of your HTML document. You will usually use a heading to tell what the following section of your page is about. The opening tag for a heading is <hy> and the closing tag is </hy> with y being the size of the heading... from 1 to 6. (1 being largest, and 6 being smallest)

Example of heading tags...

H1: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h1>H1: Bob fell over the chicken.</h1>

H2: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h2>H2: Bob fell over the chicken.</h2>

H3: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h3>H3: Bob fell over the chicken.</h3>

H4: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h4>H4: Bob fell over the chicken.</h4>

H5: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h5>H5: Bob fell over the chicken.</h5>

H6: Bob fell over the chicken.

<h6>H6: Bob fell over the chicken.</h6>

Horizontal Ruled Lines...

Horizontal Ruled Lines are used to separate different areas of a web page. The tag for a horizontal ruled line is <hr>. The horizontal ruled line DOES NOT have a closing tag. You may also add certain attributes to the <hr> tag, such as WIDTH=n (for fixed pixel width) or WIDTH=n% for a certain percentage of the screen wide, SIZE=n to make the line a certain pixel amount thick, and NOSHADE to turn the line's shading off. A plain <hr> with no attributes will make the line the full width of the screen.

Example of horizontal ruled lines...

<hr width=50>

<hr width=50%>

<hr size=7>

<hr noshade>

You may also use several attributes within one tag...

<hr width=50% size=10 noshade>

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