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Posted On 2009-03-08 by FortyPoundHead
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Some users are trying out Firefox, but for some reason, need to go back to Internet Explorer. This happens usually when there is a particular web application in use, usually on a corporate intranet, but not always.

Follow these steps to reset Internet Explorer back to the default browser for Windows.

1. Click Start, then Run. In the Run dialog, type:


and click Ok or Run.

2. When Internet Explorer opens, you may get a dialog box, stating that IE is no longer the default browser. This dialog also asks if you would like to fix the problem. Click the appropriate button, and you'll be fixed. No need to follow the rest of this procedure.

3. If you don't get the dialog, click Tools, then Internet Options.

4. Click the tab labeled Programs. There should be a section there entitled Default Web Browser. In that section, there is a button called Make Default. Click it.

5. Click Apply, then Ok.

Problem solved.

Give me a shout, and let me know if this works for you or not!

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