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Posted On 2009-12-17 by FortyPoundHead
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Pusher is now freely available. You can download it from here. You can browse all Pusher-related content here, or from download of Pusher on File Fishstick. For those of you looking for the crack, none is required. The cracked version unlocks no further functionality, no secret stuff, nothing. So good luck with that. Hope you find the crack to be free of malware.

The main screen.

Pusher has full logging of its thought processes.

So you've inventoried a bunch of workstations. This is where you would go to view it.

Options. Yep, we have options.

The Target List Editor, where you can create new lists of targets, or edit existing lists.

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By: FortyPoundHead
Date: 2009-12-17

Thanks to downloadnew.org for giving Pusher the Reviewers Choice award for 2009!

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