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Disable System Restore in Windows 7

You've removed temp files, cleaned off the IE Cache, removed old downloads, and you still don't have enough drive space to install that great game.  Here is a way to free up some drive space that you may not have thought of.

Please note that by following this procedure, you will be turning off a recovery feature of your operating system.  Should the system experience an error, bug, or malware infection, there will not be a way to roll back to a system restore point.  Proceed at your own risk!

So, with the warning out of the way, here is how you turn off the System Restore feature of Windows 7.

If I was you, I'd only turn it off temporarily.  After you get done what you need to get done, turn it back on.  That way you're covered if you need to go back to a restore point.

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Posted: 2009-09-06
By: FortyPoundHead
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