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Posted On 2009-09-19 by FortyPoundHead
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One of the annoying things I discovered about Windows 7 is how it automatically lowers the volume of certain games that I play. If you are having this issue, the fix in this article may help you out.

One of my most favorite games in the world is Unreal Tournament 2004. Love this game. It runs flawlessly on my Windows 7 system. The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth, even with the settings cranked up. The only downer is that when the game is started, the sound level is very low, even though the game is configured properly. All other Windows sounds are normal, too.

So what I have been doing is firing the game, open the Windows mixer, upping the volume for the slider designated for the game, and returning to the game. Pain in the hind end.

What happens is Windows 7 detects that UT2004 allows you to speak to your teammates (or taunt your enemies) utilizing a microphone. So Windows 7 will lower the volume of the game in order to help you be understood easier by your teammates. What Windows 7 doesn't know is that UT2004 already mutes the gameplay sound when team speak is initiated.

This "auto-volume" feature can be turned off, by following these steps:

  1. Launch the control panel from the start menu
  2. Click Hardware and Sound
  3. Click Sound, which takes you to the audio properties page
  4. Click the Communications tab at the top of this window, and select Do Nothing from the only dropdown box.
  5. Once you are done click OK.

Next time you play a game, the volume should stay at the usual level when you are using a microphone or headset to communicate.

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