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Posted On 2007-06-20 by FortyPoundHead
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It's easy to reorder the items on any Windows 98 cascading menu by holding down the mouse button and drag a highlighted file or folder up or down the list. With this tip it's even easier to force the entire list into permanent alphabetical order.
Open the Registry Editor and find the key below.
Highlight the Order entry in the Contents pane, then delete it. The list will be in alphabetical order the next time Windows opens.
You'll find a similar Menu subkey under each of the &Program subkeys Accessories, Games and so on). Follow the same procedure to alphabetize those lists, too.
With Windows 98 or 2000 it's even easier simply right-click on the menu you want to re-order and select 'Sort by Name'.

Key (Line Wraps):
CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\&Programs\Menu

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