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AUTOTEXT is a very useful function in Microsoft Word which is often underused. Use autotext when you want to save a block of text which you use frequently within a document. A good example could be a disclaimer paragraph at the end of a document.

Instead of writing it out repeatedly, you can simply save it as autotext, then whenever you need to insert your disclaimer text into a document simply type the name of autotext entry in this case perhaps ‘disclaimer’ although you can call it anything you like its up to you.

Once you type the first few letters of the name, Word will recognize it as an autotext entry, a prompt will appear, to insert the autotext block simply press ‘Enter’ and hey presto your autotext will appear within your document!

It’s extremely easy to set up an autotext entry, you can have as many entries as you like and they can be deleted or edited at any time. Once set up they can be used in any Word document.

Setup AUTOTEXT in 3 easy steps

  1. Select the particular text in your document that you want to save as autotext, this can be a few words or several paragraphs.

  2. When the selected text is highlighted either click Insert- Autotext – New on the toolbar or simply press Alt +F3 type a name for autotext in the ‘create autotext’ box that appears. Type a name for the autotext, its best to make it something memorable, that you will easily associate with the saved text, as in the above example; however you can always change the name or edit the entry later.

  3. Once you have typed a name click OK and that’s it the autotext entry has been set up.

Once the autotext entry has been set up, every time you enter the first few letters of the entry name, a prompt will appear, to accept simply press enter or to decline hit the space bar and continue typing.

If you later decide to edit an autotext entry, simply insert the autotext entry into your document, then edit the text as necessary, reselect the text and press ALT+F3 the ‘create autotext entry’ box will reappear type the original autotext entry name, again in our above example ‘disclaimer’ then click OK, because our original autotext entry exists, under ‘disclaimer’ Word prompts you to redefine this autotext entry. Press enter to redefine. The autotext entry has now been updated.

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