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Posted On 2008-03-03 by FortyPoundHead
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Makes a multi-line textbox into a scrolling textbox, chat-style.

USAGE: post frmLogging.text1, "Text to Post"
SIDE EFFECTS: Constant MAXCHARS must be declared at the top of the module. Do not exceed 50000 for MAXCHARS.

Const MAXCHARS = 5000
Public Sub Post(tbxEditBox As TextBox, sNewText As String)
  sNewText = sNewText & vbCrLf
  With tbxEditBox
    If Len(sNewText) + Len(.Text) > MAXCHARS Then
      ''Scroll some text off the top to make more room
      .Text = Mid$(.Text, InStr(100 + Len(sNewText), .Text, vbCrLf) + 2)
    End If
    .SelStart = Len(.Text)
    .SelText = sNewText
  End With
End Sub

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