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Posted On 2009-10-15 by FortyPoundHead
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With all the hype surrounding the imminent release of Windows 7, inquiring minds want to know. Will you be upgrading?

My Personal Windows 7 Experience

I personally have been using the new OS from Redmond since the first beta release in Februrary, through the release candidate, and now using RTM. I have nothing but good things to say about the new bits.

Vista, to me was a complete let-down. Driver support was lacking, and even on my then-speedy hardware it ran like a slug. So I, like many others went back to trusty XP, which has served me well lo these many years.

I was a bit skeptical of 7 at first, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it was time for a clean install anyway. My incessant fiddling, as well as anti-virus "research" had pretty much destroyed my last installation.

Set up was relatively painless and quick. Of course, this was a vanilla install. But still, even on my now ancient P4 2.4ghz, with 2.0 GB of RAM, the new bits layed down on the drive very nicely.

At first, I was taken in by the shiny gleam of Aero, and it's myriad of neat tricks like Aeropeek. But what really solidified my appreciation of the OS, was the driver support.

Seven immediately recognized all my periphals. Monitor, drives, printer, Blackberry, my cheap-o USB keyboard, even the Wacom drawing tablet. I put a big check mark in the "good" column for not forcing me to hunt all over the interwebs for drivers.

Over the months, for me anyway, 7 has proven to be solid, stable, able to handle 99% of the software that I have thrown at it. Games, apps, utilities, funky drivers, old dev environments, all handled with minimal fuss.

I for one, will be happy to upgrade my remaining machines to Seven. How about you? Use the comments section below to let your opinion be known.

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