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Posted On 2009-10-18 by FortyPoundHead
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One of the big things that was introduced with Vista, and has carried over into Windows 7, is the Aero interface. It's very slick, but at what cost?

Windows Search Indexer also provides great convenience to the user. Do we really want it sucking up resources, though?

Follow the steps below to disable some features of Aero, and disable Windows Search, to realize some great performance gains, especially on lower end hardware.

Turn Off Transparency

  1. Right-click on Desktop

  2. Click on "Personalize"

  3. Click on "Window Color"

  4. Click on "Enable transparency"

  5. Click on "Save changes"

Turn Off Visual Effects

  1. Right-click on "Computer" in the Start Menu and select "Properties".

  2. Click on " Advanced System Settings " from the left pane to open up the " System Properties " window.

  3. Select the "Advanced" tab.

  4. Then Under " Performance " click " Settings ".

  5. Choose " Custom: " Options From it.

  6. Uncheck all items. If you want some eye candy, you can leave the bottom 3-4 items checked.

Turn Off Windows Search

  1. Right-click the "Computer" Icon in the Start Menu and select "Manage".

  2. Click "Services and Applications".

  3. Click on "Services".

  4. Find the entry called "Windows Search" in the list of services.

  5. Right-click on "Windows Search" from the list and select "Properties".

  6. The "Windows Search Properties Window" will open up. From "Startup type" click on the drop down menu and choose "Disabled".

  7. Click "Apply" then "OK". The Windows 7 Search Indexing Feature is now disabled.

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By: FortyPoundHead
Date: 2009-10-18

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