Turn off the Click in Windows Explorer

Posted On 2009-10-25 by FortyPoundHead
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Click, click, click. Tired of hearing that while cruising around the file system? Save your sanity with this simple fix.

For quite awhile now, one of the novelties of Windows is the ability to tie in sounds to system events. For example, your computer could make a "whoosh!" noise when you minimize or maximize a window, or it could make a "boing!" noise when you click the Start button.

One of the really annoying noises is the click that Windows makes when you open a folder or drive in Windows Explorer. I mean, dang, my mouse already clicks. Do I need another click from the speakers, too?

Thankfully, turning off this unnecessary audio pollution is simple, and can be done in just a few clicks.

  1. Click the Start orb.

  2. Click Hardware and Sound.

  3. Under the Sound heading, click Change System Sounds.

  4. In the lower half of the dialog, scroll down the Program Events window, until you find the Windows Explorer section.

  5. In the Windows Explorer section, find and highlight the Start Navigation entry.

  6. At the bottom left of the dialog, change the Sounds combo box to read None.

  7. Click Apply, then Ok. All done.

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