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Posted On 2009-10-31 by FortyPoundHead
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I'v gotten some word that I've been taking too long to confirm registrations, so registration is now open for all, no confirmation required.

After filling in the required infomation on the registration form, simply click next, and your account will be created, and enabled. You'll be able to make comments on articles, as well as make forum posts. Let's not forget the added bonus of no more ads!

I must inject a bit of a rant here, though.

When someone registers on this site, the notification not only gets sent to my email inbox, within seconds, a notification also gets sent to my phone. If for some reason I cannot active someones account via my phone (yes, it's possible), it takes me a max of 30 minutes to find internet access to make the necessary activations.

Maybe waiting the extra few minutes to post a diatribe allows a cool off period or some such. But the biggest complainers *never* post anything after their accounts are activated. Seriously, why make a big stink if you are not going to post anything?

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