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Posted On 2010-01-31 by FortyPoundHead
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Ever notice how Windows Explorer will slow down a lot when accessing a folder containing media files, such a pictures, video, or music? Green bar got you down? Optimize that folder!

The reason it slows down is because Windows is trying to update your thumbnail views of the media files present in the folder. While cool at first, it gets to be a bit of a pain after awhile. I mean really, I just want to find my file!

One way to fix the problem is to optimize the folder for files of a specific type. Pretty easily, too.

  1. Right click on the folder

  2. Click Properties

  3. Select Customize tab

  4. under:
    What kind of folder do you want?
    Optimize the folder for:

    Select from the drop down menu the type of files the said folder predominantly holds.

  5. If you wish to apply this template to all the folders, also select the check box.

  6. Click Apply > OK.

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