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Not many folks know this, but FortyPoundHead.com has some Google Gadgets available for use by the general public. Check 'em out!

Gadgets don't work anymore

Google got rid of iGoogle a long time ago. Gadgets won't work anywhere any longer, and are no longer available for installation.

This first of the gadgets is actually useful. The second two are pretty frivolous, and not really related to technology, but fun, nonetheless.

If you have any ideas for other gadgets, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below, and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Search the Head

The first gadget is pretty straightforward. It allows you to perform a quick search of the FortyPoundHead.com database of tips, tricks, hacks, and tutorials.

Add Search the Head Gadget

Jessica Alba Picture of the Day

A friend dropped me a note saying that he wanted some Jessica Alba pictures. This handy little gadget will put a daily picture of the actress on your iGoogle page.

Add Random Jessica Alba Picture of the Day Gadget

Bikini Picture of the Day

Just like the name says, this gadget will put a different bikini-clad girl on your iGoogle page, changed daily.

Add Random Bikini Picture of the Day Gadget

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