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Posted On 2010-07-14 by FortyPoundHead
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Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) is a role service in the Terminal Services role that enables users to connect from a Web browser to the remote desktop of any server or client computer where they have the appropriate access.

In some environments, you want to make it as simple as possible for the end users. Normally, a user would browse to the TS Web Access page, navigate to the Remote Desktop tab (you can change the default tab), enter a server name to connect to, then click connect.

One of the down sides of this method is that the user is expected to remember the name of the server that he or she needs to connect to. Wouldn't it be great if you could populate the field with a default value?

Well, you can. All it takes is a bit of HTML editing, and it can be accomplished quite handily.

On your TS Web Access server, navigate to the following path:


In that directory, you'll find a file called desktops.aspx. Open it with your favorite text-only editor, such as Notepad.

Around about line 548, you'll find the following line:

&nbsp;<input name="MachineName" maxlength="256" id="MachineName"

Now, we need to add the default value, utilizing standard html form input methods. Add the "value" keyword to your inputbox, thus:

&nbsp;<input name="MachineName" value="" maxlength="256" id="MachineName"

After saving the file, and exiting the text editor, you can now browse to page, and you'll see that the Connect To: box is now populated with the name you specified above.

If the name is not present in the box, you might need to refresh the page.

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