What is a VoIP Router?

Posted On 2011-01-13 by dwirch
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Voice over Internet Protocol is a new way to talk on your phone through your broadband internet connection. A VoIP router is needed to help you use the same phone you have been using before your VoIP connection.

If you have voice over internet protocol available to you, youíll need a router to sort of make it all happen. Itís a small device that will take a little time to get used to, but once youíve used it just a couple times youíll be able to use the whole system without a second thought.

Without a VoIP router your phone will not be able to figure out where datagrams should go from source to destination, so information will be lost. Routers will help control phone traffic, controls and maintains bandwidth, and ensures a good voice quality for each and every phone call. Basically, router is responsible for routing all the information in and out of your home so that you can get the services you are supposed to get.

Itís said that because of ever expanding technology that VoIP routers wonít be needed for much longer. With the invention of digital telephones the need for a separate router wonít be necessary. But, until this newer technology becomes more widespread and cost efficient, the majority of VoIP users will need a router to use the voice over internet protocol features. Because of this newer technology, having VoIP service will become easier and more accessible to everyone in the very near future. But, donít let the idea of a routing device scare you off, as VoIP is very easy to use!

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By: chuchufuentes
Date: 2011-07-28

Hello,I am newborn using VoIP, but i would like to know if i need a VoIP provider (it is mandatory), to use my router ip.
Could you tell me step by step how connect my router IP.

By: dwirch
Date: 2011-07-29

Yes, you will need a provider of some sort. There are many available, and a very good list can be found at http://www.voipproviderslist.com/.

However, I see that you are with Comcast, or at least that is the ISP that you used to post your comment. While their VOIP solution is a bit spendy (in my opinion), they do provide a decent VOIP service.

By: wayne
Date: 2011-12-26

This page helps me a lot to understanding basic concept about VoIP. But I am interested know about some good brand of VoIP router. Please let me know some thing about this.
To learn and getting any VoIP solution I think Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK will be useful to everybody.

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