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Posted On 2011-01-19 by FortyPoundHead
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I've been toying with an idea for some time, and I think the time has come to put the idea into motion.

Lately, I've been building quite a number of web templates. The templates, layouts and designs that weren't built for a specific person are given away freely (check

So, the question is, do I roll the free template idea into this site? or build a separate site on the other URL?

I envision this to not just be a showcase for my own designs. Rather, I want to provide the ability for other folks to submit their designs and ideas to the site, get free exposure, and most of all - share their ideas and knowledge with other designers and developers.

If you've been following this site, you'll know that it's been in existence, and owned by the same person for over four years. Unless someone offers me an obscenely large pile of cash, I don't see the site changing hands in the future.

So, that said, since I am still in the idea stage, and have not implemented anything, what say you? Good idea? Bad idea? Got some ideas that you'd like to see?

Let me know, either by commenting below, or send me a message through the contact form. No idea is too off the wall.

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By: FortyPoundHead
Date: 2011-01-21

Well, it's online and running. Check it out by clicking the link in the article above.

Let me know what you think!

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