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Windows 7 gives the you a lot of control when it comes to choosing which system updates you want to install. A good example of updates you can safely ignore are Language Packs. If you are a native english speaker, why do you want to portugese language pack? Or maybe you are from France, why do you want to be nagged about the Afrikaans language pack? Here is how to hide the updates.

Although you should be cautious about ignoring security updates, you may want to skip out on updates for nonessential applications if you use third-party alternatives, such as another browser or a different type of antivirus software. But even if you choose not to install an update, you will still receive notifications about it later on. This is handy for people who might simply want to delay the update process, but it can be annoying if you definitely do not want to install it. Although you cannot remove the update entirely, hiding it will prevent any future notices.

  1. Open the Windows Update window by clicking on the icon in the taskbar, which is the area beside the time and date in the lower right corner of the screen. Alternatively, open the "Start" menu and type "Windows Update" into the search field. The Windows Update utility will be displayed as a search result. Press "Enter" to open Windows Update.

  2. Click on the "# Update(s) Are Available" link. Select the update that you wish to ignore. Read the description in the right panel beforehand to ensure that the update is something you can do without.

  3. Right-click on the update to open a drop-down menu of update options. Click "Hide Update." You will no longer receive notifications about this update. Should you change your mind about this update in the future, return to the Windows Update main menu and click the "Restore Hidden Updates" button in the left sidebar.

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