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Posted On 2014-02-11 by dwirch
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Some people just don't get it.  Making demands for assistance after calling someone a scammer is not the to get help from someone.  Here's a jewel that I got today (warning: rage filled missive)

Whenever a comment or post is made on this site, I get a notification, to which I review, and if needed, respond to that notification when I can.  The only reason there might be a delay is because my giant fingers have a hard time typing on my phone.

Now realize, I get messages like this all the time, as do most people who run websites.  Amidst the intrusion attempts, I can usually count on getting at least one of these "hate mails" each week.  Most of the time, I just let it go by, and just ban the IP address.

However, I am in the process of quitting a decades-long smoking habit, and I am especially grumpy today. Apparently, the message below hit me kind of sideways.

I have been unsuccessful in creating the file MSJAVA.DLL . When I click on your link provided, I got a bunch of ads, but not the file MSJAVA.DLL . When I tried the command prompt method, I was told "Access is Denied", Can you help with this, or are you scammers providing advertisers, but not what is promised? Please respond ASAP.

ip address and geolocation information removed for privacy reasons

Let me get something straight right away.  Yes, this site is ad supported, and it does not pay for itself from that revenue. Over five million people have viewed this site, and it generates about $100 per year, which is about 20% of the costs associated with simply hosting the site.  It's just me, cranking out over 15,000 lines of code to run the various FREE services and tools on the site.  I've been working in technology for over 25 (yes twenty-five) years  If I wanted to scam you I could probably think of an easier way to part you from your money.

Now that some of the rage is out of the way....

I think the page he was reading was the Create a zero-byte file page, which describes how to do just that.  It's kind of a support document for another page on this site. From what I can gather, he clicked one of the three advertisements on the page. all of which are plainly marked as advertisements.  These markings are not mine, and are provided by the advertiser.  So Mr. Rage-a-holic clicks one of these ads, and it takes him to another site which is apparently filled with ads.

What's funny is... well, let me share my response:

Thanks for letting me know that a link on my website is pointing to incorrect location.  If you can tell me on what page this faulty link is, I can remedy the situation. 

As far as ads on this site, yes there are at most TWO ads per page, one on top, and one to the right.  On article pages, there is a third near the bottom.  All of these ads are CLEARLY marked. 

If you followed a link to another site, which I suspect, well, I can't control what is on someone else's web site.  BUT I can remove or edit the link to point to a known good location.

I must mention to you that calling me names (I am the only who runs this site) is probably not going to get you the help that you demanded.  Remember, you attract a lot more flies with honey, rather than vinegar.

Frankly, I might suggest to you that you find another profession, as reading instructions and following a procedure (which are required of any software developer) are obviously lacking here.  If you would have completely read the instructions for creating a zero byte file, you would have noticed that THE VERY FIRST LINE OF THE INSTRUCTIONS says to OPEN AN ELEVATED COMMAND PROMPT.  If you don't open an elevated command prompt, you will be denied access.

Be sure to bundle up!  The weather there looks pretty chilly, currently 17 degrees!  No snow forecast until Friday, though. 


Stay warm,

By the way, you'd think a business person would have better manners than to call someone a scammer, and demand satisfaction.  Oh, did I forget to mention he runs a business out of his split-entry brick home ?  Also, you might want to refinish that porch this spring.  It's looking a little the worse for wear.  Then again, since you can't follow directions, maybe you should just hire out the job, and stick to bookkeeping. If you don't know what a plainly labelled advertisement looks like, download Chrome, and install AdBlock Plus.  It's free.

Any time you visit any website or internet-based service, your information is logged, inluding your IP address.  Using this information, it is pretty easy to locate where you're from.  Sometimes, you can even find names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures of the house, who all lives there, etc.  Not that I did that today.

Most webmasters don't give two hoots about this.  There is a ton of traffic that comes in, and I personally have better things to do than weed through thousands of lines of log files.  But like I said, today I was feeling especially grumpy.


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By: dwirch
Date: 2014-02-11

Am I out of line on this? Or is too much to think that a guy in his sixties would have a little more relaxed outlook on life ?

By: AnonymousCoward
Date: 2014-02-11

That was was a real dinkleberg, dad. Even I'm not that dumb. -Dani who doesn't have an account I think?

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