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Posted On 2015-08-03 by dwirch
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Need to bulk import users into Active Directory? Need to make bulk changes to existing Active Directory users? AD Bulk Users makes importing and modifying large numbers of  users easy. Import users in bulk from CSV, Excel, ODBC, SQL, Oracle etc.

This program allows you to perform en masse operations against large numbers of users.  The short list is:

  • Check bulk AD users with common attributes, like DisplayName, Name, SamAccountName, if disabled, if enabled mailbox, email address, company, department, dn etc.
  • Create bulk AD users with predefined common attributes.
  • Reset bulk AD users' password with customized password.
  • Disable or enable bulk AD users.
  • Remove bulk AD users.
  • Change bulk AD users' common attributes.
  • Check bulk groups' attributes.
  • Add bulk AD users to a group.
  • Remove bulk AD users from a group.
  • Specify a DC you want to connect.
  • Specify a log path, and save all the operations to the log database.
  • Choose the attributes when checking users, creating new users and settings new users.

Some of these things can be really handy.  For example, lets say you want to standardize on a group naming convention for your domain.  You first need to define the group name in Active Directory. Next, you would need to remove the users from the old group, and add them to the new group.  In larger domains, this could be a real pain.  With this, you could accomplish this in a couple different ways. Maybe export the list, modify the group name with a simple find/replace, then re-import.  Done in five minutes.

Security problem? Reset all the passwords.

Need to add a bunch of test users? No problem; import from a randomly generated CSV file. (hint: or you can use this method)

Admittedly, you can also do these things with command line scripting, with free tools included with Windows.  However, if you are afraid of the command line, with its arcane commands, switches, and arguments, then you'll appreciate the ease of use presented with this tool.

Dovestones AD Bulk Users 5


Price: Starts at $99 for a single admin license, up to $399 for a multiple site license

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