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Softerra Adaxes aims to be comprehensive solution for management, administration and monitoring of Active Directory. Does it measure up? You be the judge.

Adaxes provides multiple levels of access to the administrative interface through role-based authentication.  This means your help desk personnel will have different options visible and/or available to them, as compared to your tier 2 admins, or domain admins.

Also, the administrative interfaces are available via a web interface, allowing admins to manage and monitor Active Directory through a web browser.  Self-service password management for users is also a feature of this tool, allowing your users to change/recover their account access without interaction with the helpdesk.

A short list of features includes:

  • Enhanced Administration Environment
  • Active Directory Web Interface
  • User Self-Service
  • Property Patterns
  • Custom Views
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • PowerShell Module
  • Role-Based Security Administration
  • Logging
  • Approval
  • Active Directory Reports
  • Exchange Management & Automation
  • Office 365 Automation and Management
  • Automated Provisioning for Lync
  • SPML Integration
  • Custom Scripts with ADSI Provider
  • Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance
  • Enhanced Password Management

While I haven't yet tried it myself, this looks like a great package. When I get a day, I'll set up a test domain, download the 30-day free trial, and give it a try.

Do you have experience with this package?  What are your thoughts on it?

Softerra Adaxes


Price: Starts at $1600 for 100 user accounts, up to $10,800 for up to 2000 user accounts. Bigger packages available, request a quote. Maintenance and support extra. Free trial available.

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By: AnonymousCoward
Date: 2015-08-09

Adaxes is a great tool. We are using it for a while now and it really helps. I wouldn't want to come back to those times when we had do do all those tasks that are now fully automated, manually.

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