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This is a simple function to include in a module for converting letters to digits. So if you wanted to map a name to a phone number.

For example, if you were given a phone number such as 1-800-CALL-NOW, this function would convert it to 1-800-225-5669.

Function LetterToDigit(ByVal strPhoneLetter As String) As String

  Dim intDigit As Integer

  intDigit = Asc(UCase$(strPhoneLetter))

  If intDigit >= 65 And intDigit <= 90 Then
    If intDigit = 81 Or 90 Then ' Q or Z
      intDigit = intDigit - 1
    End If
    intDigit = (((intDigit - 65) \ 3) + 2)
    LetterToDigit = intDigit
    LetterToDigit = strPhoneLetter
  End If

End Function

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