Simple MS Access Database Demo with VB6

Posted On 2017-08-16 by VB6Boy
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This is a very simple program using VB and MSAccess. This code will allow you to Add, Edit, Delete, and Search entries in the database.

The original project file was hosted on another site, but included references to an OCX control that was no longer available. The author had good intentions, and had hosted it on his personal site for a time, but that went away as well.

I've lightly modified the project, removing the need for the "eye candy" OCX file. Further, since it was bugging me during testing, I've added a loop check to limit the number of times DoEvents is called within loops. This has the purpose of VASTLY increasing the speed of record display during searches and refreshes.

All modifications have been documented with the code.


Reference to:

  • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.0 Library


  • Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0 (OLEDB)
  • Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0

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