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Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.

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Tech Support Kitty

I is here to ficks ur problemz

Tech support kitty

Network Printer Offline

via krnatx

User: I can't print to our network printer
Me: can anyone else in your office print to that printer?
User: yes they are now
Me: do you have internet currently on your computer
User: yes
Me gets ip remotes in and obtains printer ip
Me tries to get to printer firmware in browser

Me: the printer is offline have you tried unplugging power and Ethernet and plugging it back in from wall side and machine
User: yes someone is using it right now.
Me: can I remote Into the person that can prints computer and see how they have it set up
User: sure just let me double check that they can print (after he swore they were)
User: she can't print
Me: does the printer say ready? Is the power on this has to be a printer issue it is offline.
User: (after 20 mins of not listening and bs finally I get them to go to printer) oh, someone unplugged it to plug in the radio

Future Chairs

When are chair manufacturers going to fix this design?

Fix the damn chairs already

Want some overtime?

All we need to do is spend a Saturday re-wiring this rack

Hooking up your TV

Cable guy is really on his game today

Hey, it works

A bug or two in the system

The picture might be a little fuzzy


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