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Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.

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Please, Please manage your cabling

This was apparently in an apartment building, where connectivity is established for the all the units.

Why do people let their cable closets go this far?

Issue Resolved

via Keith_Fu

This morning I was summoned in the Conference Room 1 for a technical emergency, citing being late for their meeting as they were having trouble getting their conference call started. I showed up and saw that the TV, keyboard and mouse were all turned off, so I powered everything thing back on and suggested that they should be all set now. They responded that it wasn’t a GoToMeeting. Confused, I asked how I could help, and they said that they needed a phone.

I quickly surmised that they had set up the conference room table by filling it with all their samples, and made room for them by taking the phone off the table and putting it on the floor. They didn’t unhook it, so it was still functional, they just decided to move it from the table to the ground. I picked it up from the ground and put it on the table. They took over from there and started dialing.

Take note, anti-vaxxers

Nobody wants to get sick and die

Now that is thinking!

Using your noodle to protect your investment

Helpdesk calls the helpdesk

via Kabukikitsune

While working tech support for a rather large bank, I myself ran into this very amusing problem.

It all started rather simply enough. I was on a call with a client, when the call dropped. So, I tried calling the client back, only to have the call go straight to voice mail. Crap. Next up was to call their local side support and get them to run up and either bug the client to hang up the phone so I could call them back, or figure out why the client's phone had gone buggy. I dutifully plunk in the numbers, and get straight through...sorta.

See, what I didn't know at the time, was that the local side guys had two phone numbers. One was the number I called, and a second number was one that went to their mobile phones. Thing is, due to many of their local clients calling the first number, as opposed to the help desk, they'd worked it out with management to have the call re-directed back to the help desk.

So, imagine my shock when I hear, as soon as the call is picked up, "Thank you for calling the help desk, my name is zzzzzz, can I have your first name and last name please?"

Yeah... I never quite lived that one down.

How to open this door?

School for the gifted in real life?

Temporary datacenter cooling from a hardware store

Gotta do what you gotta do

Apparently, it actually works

So many adapters

First Day of School, Moms vs Kids

Yes, some moms actually do jump for joy

Don't know if this is good or bad

Whichever, this guy sounds serious about his business

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