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Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.

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The only winning move is not to play

Twerking. Not even once.

An Agent on the Inside

via Ulfsark

I work for a small MSP that supports schools in my area. We recently found out that one of our sites had been scraping by on a low quality free internet connection that was provided years ago, that the $ISP did not really seem to know how to handle when it came to upgrading their service. We spent some time tracking down and getting redirected to various staff within $ISP and finally had the modem replaced so that it could support a newer internet connection.

However even after the modem replacement we had a tough time getting things moving within $ISP.

It turns out that one of the parents of a student that went to $School worked for $ISP and had a pretty impressive job title. We get copied on an email from $Parent to $ISPWorker about how this is impacting her daughters education as the internet had not been enough to support the schools predominately digital curriculum.

Eventually the school was able to get a hold of somebody who was able to take care of their internet for them.

We got lucky we had somebody inside $ISP who was able to help move things along. However do give credit to the techs at $ISP who were polite and did their best, but got caught up in the confusion.

Redneck Case Modification

Done with nothing but a pair of pliers.

Redneck Engineering

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

via scoldog

I work at a large car dealership. We centralize all our stationery at head office and send out any supplies as needed to the branches. It works out well as we have multiple daily runs to each of the branches, so all shipments tend to get to their destination with 24 hours.

Last Friday, the receptionist at the branch furthest away from head office emailed in asking for an urgent supply of labels for her label printer. I told her I’d ship them straight away. I found a box, put a few rolls of labels in it, addressed it to her and shipped them out to her that morning.

It’s Tuesday afternoon as I write this. She’s just called in and we had the following conversation:

Reception: “Why did you ship me a set of speakers?”

Me: “What?”

Reception: “You sent me a set of speakers? Why did you do that?”

I was confused for a few moments. Had I stuffed up the shipment somehow? Then I had a realization.

Me: “Have you opened the box up yet?”

Reception: “No, I’ll do that now……. Oh, it’s the labels I ordered!”

The box I shipped the labels in was for a set of USB speakers. She thought that the box must have contained speakers, thought the shipment was wrong and didn’t open the box even though it was addressed specifically to her.

She’s been without labels since yesterday.

I Feel Like I have no Chance at Success

Let's not start this again ...

Computer won't start

Might be a power problem


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