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Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.

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No room in the case

No problem, just cut a hole in the case and hang it on the side.

Redneck case expansion

What? How?

via Mikeryck

This was back in times when windows DOS (windows too but I'm not talking about it here I made a mistake) came on mysterious objects called floppy disks. Due to the capacity there were three in this case. You had to put one after the other. As it is simple we let users install it on their own. Especially that there were a lot of stations. Turns out it's harder that it sounds...

Tech: This is tech support blah blah how may I help you?
User: I have a problem with installing the new os.
Tech: Okay... what is the problem?
User: There are three disks but I can insert only two. How am I supposed to install this?!
Tech: in my mind: how did she actually insert two?!
Tech: You did wha... okay let me come down there

Turns out she broke the drive when putting in the second disk as both disks were now stuck inside. I then told her how she should do it correctly. I think since then we attached warnings to insert one disk after the other.

Apparently, it still works

Trying to push too many bits?

The power, it burns

Printing on a scanner?

via c0wb0y

I'm not officially tech support, but I am in IT and I help out users around me since there is no tech support in my building.

A guy has spent the last 2 hours trying to use a scanner's document feeder to print letterhead. He knows it's a scanner, he scans things on it all the time. The printer is down the hall and actually has a drawer full of letterhead. How he got the idea that the tiny scanner could be used to print is beyond me. The only reason he came to me was to update the drivers on his computer to 'unlock' the printing feature. I tried to reason with him, explaining that there is nowhere that toner or ink could be inserted, he looked at me as if i were dumb. He's getting the new driver now, I wished him luck and walked out of his office.

He has used +2 hrs to complete a task that should have taken 30 sec.


I will never understand why people let their closets get like this.

spaghetti mess

No, I don't think you do understand

via nostradamefrus

User: I need my password reset.
Me: I believe we spoke a few minutes ago and your password was reset to *****123. You also should've been prompted to change it, and the new password needed to be at least 10 total characters, including at least 1 capital and at least 1 number.
U: I understand, but I can't access my email.
Me: Were you able to log into Citrix? If so, your email password is the same as Citrix.
U: I understand, but my email is saying "This page cannot be displayed". Is my email account active?
Me: Ok. That error is something different and doesn't have to do with your password. That just means webmail isn't loading.
U: I understand. Is my email account active?
Me: Yes. Like I said, your email account is linked to your Citrix account. If you can get into Citrix, then you'll be able to get into your email one way or another. The issue you're having right now is just with the website.
U: I understand. Can you reset my password?

Something funky with OWA was happening, so I just had him use Outlook instead. There isn't enough bourbon in the world.

Toasted Mini Rack

This is one reason you don't let your cabling get out of control.

clean up your shit

Can you get my pictures off it?

smashed phone

Slow DSL?

It's not because you haven't rebooted your modem.

unkempy phone service pedestal

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