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Posted On 2017-11-17 by dwirch
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Part of the job of a system administrator is to define root cause for a problem or outage this is happening. This site has an excuse generator, but you'd normally have to open the page to view the excuses.  Not anymore!

I've converted the original page to a service-like page, that simply returns the excuse, with no fluff.  This way, you can include the "explanation" in your output.

Using the service is simple. Simply browse the page from your favorite language, and the text will be returned in the content field.

The URL is:

To access the output of the page with PowerShell, you would do something like the following:

PS H:\> $MyExcuse=Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ""
PS H:\> $MyExcuse.content
Increased sunspot activity

The last line is the ouput from the web service. 

Happy Friday, and have fun!

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