Find User Profiles on Domain Computers

Posted On 2017-12-17 by dwirch
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This script does nothing more than search a list of computers for a specified user profile.
The script pulls a list of computer objects from Active Directory, and searches the c:\users directory on each computer for a directory name that matches the specified user name. If a matching directory name is found, then the UNC path (which includes the remote computer name) is written to the screen.
$ComputerList=Get-ADComputer -filter $ADFilter -SearchBase "$ADSearchBase" -SearchScope Subtree
ForEach($Computer in $ComputerList){
 $PathToTest="\\" + $Computer.Name + "\c$\users\$UserToSearchFor*"
 write-progress -activity "Checking remote hosts for $UserToSearchFor" -status $Computer.Name -percentcomplete (($CurrentHostNumber/$NumberOfComputers)*100)
 if((Test-path -path $PathToTest) -eq $True)
  write-host $PathToTest
write-host "`nSearch Complete.`n"


Requires the Active Directory PowerShell module be loaded in the current session.

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