CyberCooker Recipe Database

Posted On 2018-01-21 by VB6Boy
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This is a little something that I put together about thirteen years ago to manage recipes. Comes with database of 11,001 recipes.

The main reason for building this was to learn how to interact with databases and grid controls. This does both, while giving you some tasty treats to sample. I cracked it open this morning in order to see if I could speed up the load time.  I split out the database load and the grid filling, and discovered that the Microsoft grid control is super​ slow.  The database portion loads pretty much instantaneously.  So if  you can load that grid faster, please share.

I hope to update this soon, and maybe make a web version, with a thick-client that has the option of connecting to either the local database or the "cloud" database.

Hope this helps someone, and drop me a note if you have any questions or comments.

CyberCooker recipe database

Special Instructions

No funky controls are used. This version has a reference to Microsoft DAO 3.6. Future version to use ADO or ODBC.

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By: AnonymousCoward
Date: 2018-01-21

Muchas gracias por el aporte.

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