VB6 Tutorial 16: How to Make an Executable

Posted On 2018-04-01 by VB6Boy
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In this post, I'll explain how to make an executable or .exe file for your program. Once the .exe file is created, you can distribute the file to the users.

Before creating the .exe file, you may need to change certain project properties like startup object, project name, project type and some others. When you have multiple forms, select which form to be loaded first. Go to Project -> Project Properties from the menu bar to open the Project Properties Window.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Go to File -> Make Project1.exe... from menu bar. Click on Make Project1.exe...
  2. Browse the location where you want to save the file. Change the file name and click ok.

Now you've created your executable file which can be used on any windows computer!

You can change some other settings by clicking Options from the Dialog box. On clicking Options, the following dialog appears where you can change the project properties.

In the Project Properties dialog window, you can change properties such as Application icon, title, product version, company name, etc.

Looking for the more of the VB6 Tutorial? Here is the tutorial index.

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