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I thought I would take a little break, and give you some insight as to why I am doing this, and how long it will go on.

A little background

This story actually started many, many years ago. I had been using languages such as QuickBASIC and Fortran-77 for awhile, to build quick one-off utilities.

My pride and joy was the application I wrote for insurance salesman, completely within MS Access 2.0. Back then, it was possible to "compile" an application, which made it pretty much closed source.

Then someone turned me on the Visual Basic, and I was hooked. I toyed with the DOS version for a while (which was actually an extension for QuickBASIC), and quickly moved on the GUI version.

Over the years, I've learned how to wield the tool (because that what a computer language is, a tool) in such a way as to be a robust and able method of rapidly deploying applications of many different types. I am a big proponent of using the correct tool to accomplish the given task. However, VB6 has become as comfortable to me as chatting with an old friend over coffee, which allows me to bend it to will.

To steal the catchphrase I've seen elsewhere on this site, It's not magic. It's Technology. No matter what tool you use, be a thirty year old language or the latest and greatest .Net technology, it comes down to the knowledge and wisdom of the person wielding the tool to perform effectively. Further, some of the concepts that I will be expressing are applicable to almost any programming methodology.


I've been asked why I am posting a tutorial for an almost thirty year old language. The simple explanation is: I want to.

The more drawn-out explanation is I have been asked for this for several years, by several people to assist them in building applications, debug functions, train them, etc. I've come to the point that I would like to share with these young (and not-so-young!) learners the knowledge that I have gained over the breadth of my career.

Dwirch (the site admin) has graciously allowed me to post this information here, for the benefit of all who might find it useful.

The admin was also nice enough to create a special category just for my tutorial, called VB6 Tutorials (imagine that!). If you'd like to see all the tutorials in one place, just click that link and you'll be taken directly to that category.

Where is it going to end?

As with all great journeys, there is an end, somewhere.

As long as there is a demand for this tutorial, I will keep on writing. As of this writing, there are 17 lessons "in the can" so to speak, 13 of which have been accepting, with 4 still awaiting review. I'll put a table down below this wall of text so you can see the status more easily.

In the draft outline of the project, there were around 50 lessons to be written. It's grown a bit, so in the current outline, there are 65 lessons.

So, hang with me. If I miss anything, or make an obvious error, let me know. We'll get through this together.


Current Tutorial Status

Subject Auth Status Submit Status Samples?
Introduction complete accepted  
Starting Visual Basic complete accepted  
The Integrated Development Environment complete accepted  
An overview of VB controls complete accepted  
Your first Visual Basic program complete accepted yes
Concept of event driven programming complete accepted yes
Variables and data types complete accepted  
Scope of a variable complete accepted  
Operators & expressions complete accepted  
Naming Conventions complete accepted  
Common properties 1 of 3 complete accepted yes
Common properties 2 of 3 complete accepted  
Common properties 1 of 3 complete accepted  
Label & TextBox complete accepted yes
The CommandButton control complete accepted yes
Input and Output operations complete submitted yes
Data type conversion complete submitted  
How to make an executable file complete submitted  
If Blocks complete submitted yes
Nested If-Else in progress N/A  
Select Case blocks in progress N/A  
Do Loops in progress N/A  
For...Next Loops in progress N/A  

Looking for the more of the VB6 Tutorial? Here is the tutorial index.

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By: CrazyDude2
Date: 2018-04-03

Not sure how many will be looking at these, but I definitely be checking them out.

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