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Posted On 2018-04-11 by dwirch
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I've been toying with the idea of adding user levels to the site, and I think I will go forward with it.

I think it will give a little more incentive for folks to interact with the site. Heck, I might even bring back the monthly contest, which you can read more about in the Site News Forum.

The user levels that I have fleshed out are explained below. Note that this is what I am going with at the moment, and may be fine tuned for usability.

Posting here for visibility, this information will also posted in the Site News forum.


A normal, registered user of the site. This type of user can interact with most aspects, including:

  • No ads
  • Posting without Captcha
  • Ophion Time Tracking
  • Article Submissions
  • Leaderboard access


All Member items, but has access to beta features and apps. A member can achieve this level by posting a to-be-determined number of articles and/or forum posts.


All Member items, all Geek items, adds elevated access to forums, including:

  • Hide threads
  • Lock threads
  • Create new categories
  • Create/hide forums


All Member, Geek, Moderator items, but adds:

  • User management (Add/Edit/Disable/Enable/Ban)
  • Article management (Add/Edit/Hide/Freeze or Unfreeze comments)


King of the world (or this site, anyway), this user has unrestricted access

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