Fix Skipping Audio CD-Rs

Posted On 2008-07-01 by FortyPoundHead
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When you burn CDís, do they skip no matter what kind of player you play them in? I had this problem recently, and I ended up having to swap out my drive entirely. Here are a few steps you can try before resorting to that though.

  1. Check for flash updates from your CD burner manufacturer - This step is easily the most common fix for most CD burning issues. Flash ROM updates can usually be obtained on the manufacturerís web site. Please also note, I am not talking about drivers.
  2. Try different media - Did you get burnable CDís for a penny each? Thereís a reason. Try buying better media. Verbatim media seems to work the best for me.
  3. Try burning at a lower speed - Sometimes manufacturers like to claim that the equipment can burn at a super fast speed. Sometimes itís better to lower it a bit. My burner for example wonít burn well at 32x. I have to set my software on one of my computers to burn at 16x. It takes longer, but I will suffer waiting for my discs to burn rather than suffer when I try to listen to the disc in my car.
  4. Use different burning software - The software is rarely the cause, but every now and then there may be a problem between certain hardware and software.
  5. Replace the burner - If youíve exhausted all of the above, it might be time to just get a new burner. I have regularly made the mistake of buying cheaper, ďno nameĒ burners and as a result I have had to replace my burner every 2 to 3 years or so.

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