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Simple 3D Text on a Form

Posted: 2019-04-12
By: vb6boy
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VB6 Miscellaneous, VB6 Code Cache

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Here is some simple code that makes the printed text look sorta 3d, with no OCX or API.

Private Sub Form_Load()

   Dim ShadowX
   Dim ShadowY
            'Clear Form1
   Form1.ScaleMode = 3      'Set Scalemode to pixel
   Form1.ForeColor = vb3DShadow 'Change the Forecolor of
            'Form1 to Shadow Color (Dark grey)
   ShadowY = 5         'Set The Top of the Shadow
   ShadowX = 5      'Set The Left of the Shadow
   For I = 0 To 5
      CurrentX = ShadowX + I
      CurrentY = ShadowY + I
      If I = 5 Then Form1.ForeColor = vbWhite 'Change the Color to White
      Form1.Print "Text in 3D. No VBX/OCX/API!"

End Sub

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