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Enumerate Services to Collection

Posted: 2019-08-22
By: AndreaTincani
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VB6 Windows API, VB6 Code Cache

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Here is a class and module that enumerates the services on a Windows computer. It gets each service and puts its info into a public collection which can be used anywhere in the program.

The attached ZIP file contains the full class module, as well as the standard module.


Option Explicit Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Dim x As clsService
   Dim strHostName as String

   'Call procedure, where strHostName is the name of the Machine, use "" for the
   'Local Machine
   For Each x In colServices
      MsgBox x.ServiceName
End Sub

Special Instructions

This code originally appeared on, and has been republished here with the permission of Andrea Tincani.

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