Using TSKILL to Stop Hung Processes

Posted On 2008-07-07 by FortyPoundHead
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Ending a process in Windows using a command can be handy if youíre writing a batch file. You can accomplish this by using the TSKILL command. Letís try this command out by ending the Notepad process.

  1. Open Notepad by clicking Start > Run or hold down the Windows Key and press R.

  2. Type notepad and click OK.

  3. Click Start > Run or Hold down the Windows Key and press R.

  4. Type CMD and click OK to bring up a DOS command box.

  5. At the command prompt, type TSKILL notepad.

  6. The Notepad application should close.

You can also use wildcards:

Typing TSKILL note* will close all processes that start with note.

You can also kill the process by the ID:

Type TSKILL 15203

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