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Remove a Record from an Array

Posted: 2019-08-24
By: AndreaTincani
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VB6 Miscellaneous, VB6 Code Cache

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Remove any record from an array, without leaving a gap in the records.

Option Explicit

Private Type my_type
   field1 As String
   field2 As Long
   field3 As Integer
End Type

Const MAX_ARRAY = 10
Dim my_array(0 To MAX_ARRAY - 1) As my_type

'Delete the record RecPos (from 0 to MaxRecs)...MaxRecs is the maximum array dimension
Public Sub DeleteRecordFromMyArray(RecPos As Integer, MaxRecs As Integer)
   Dim i As Integer

   'Move all the record forward by one position
   For i = RecPos To MaxRecs - 1
      my_array(i) = my_array(i + 1)
   'Reset the last array record
   my_array(MaxRecs).field1 = ""
   my_array(MaxRecs).field2 = 0
   my_array(MaxRecs).field3 = 0
End Sub


Private Sub Command1_Click()
   DeleteRecordFromMyArray 3, MAX_ARRAY - 1
End Sub

Special Instructions

This code originally appeared on, and has been republished here with the permission of Andrea Tincani.

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