Control Whether the Windows 9x GUI is Loaded Automatically

Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
Keywords: Control Whether the Windows 9x GUI is Loaded Automatically (Windows 9x)
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By default Windows 9x automatically loads the GUI (or Windows Desktop) with this key you can control whether the GUI is loaded or if you just want the MS-DOS 7.0 prompt.
1. Change the attributes for MSDOS.SYS so it is not 'Read Only', MSDOS.SYS is found in the root directory of your C:\ drive. Open the file using Notepad or another text editor (not Microsoft Word or any word processor).
2. Change the value of 'BootGUI=' to 'BootGUI=1' for GUI enabled or 'BootGUI=0' GUI disabled.
3. Changes will take place on the next reboot.

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