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Posted On 2007-05-03 by FortyPoundHead
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When Windows applications require user input or focus, they will either pop-up over the existing window, or their icon will flash on the taskbar waiting for user action. This tweak controls that behaviour.
This tweak requires the modification of two values, depending on the way you would like applications to take the focus. The first setting controls whether applications simply steal the focus, that is pop-up over the existing in focus window, or if instead they wait in the background and flash the taskbar icon. The second setting controls the flashing of the icon.
Open your registry and find the key below.
Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value named 'ForegroundLockTimeout', change the value to either the timeout required, or to '0' which causes the application to take the focus instantly. The default value is '200000' (0x00030d40 hex).
The other settings affects the number of times the icon flashes if above value was not set to zero.
Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value called 'ForegroundFlashCount' set the value (in decimal) to the number times to flash the taskbar icon, setting the value to '0' cases the icon to flash infinitely. The default value is '3'.
Exit your registry, you may need to restart for the changes to take effect.

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