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Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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Are you concerned about having e-mail tracking options enabled or that someone is spying on you? Here are a couple of tips you can employ that will put your mind at ease:

Follow these steps to customize your Outlook mailbox so that you can see at a glance which messages have read receipts attached:

Open your Outlook inbox. On the view menu, select advanced toolbar.

On the advanced toolbar, click "Field Chooser."

In the Field Chooser drop-down box, select "All Mail Fields."

Scroll down until you see "Receipt Requested."

Click Receipt Requested and drag it onto the column heading in your inbox. The double red arrows indicate where the column will be placed when you release the mouse.

Close the Field Chooser box.
You'll now see a Receipt Requested column in your inbox that will have a "Yes" in it when the message has a read receipt request attached and a "No" if it does not.
You can avoid triggering a read request by using the preview window in Outlook. Be sure to have automatic message reading turned off by doing the following:

Open your Outlook inbox and click tools > options and then choose the "others" tab.

Click on the preview pane options.

Uncheck the "mark messages as read in preview window" box.

Uncheck the "mark item as read when selection changes" box.
Using these simple steps, you can avoid sending a read receipt back to the sender. You can preview the mail without triggering the receipt. Once you finally open the mail message in your mailbox, the read receipt will be returned to the sender.
Note: 'Reading' the mail message can be done either by double clicking on the selected mail in the mailbox, highlighting the desired piece of mail and pressing enter on the keyboard, or by right clicking on an unread piece of mail and selecting "mark as read".

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