Use Outlook to Track Long-Distance Calls

Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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At my job, I must keep track of my long-distance telephone calls and then bill clients for the cost of those calls. I have found the Phone Call feature in my Outlook Journal to be the best way to gather this information.

To track your calls in the Journal:

1. Go the Contacts folder and double-click the contact you are going to call.

2. On the Actions menu, click New Journal Entry for Contact.

3. When you begin the call, click the Start Timer button. While you're talking, you can record notes from your call in the space provided in the Journal Entry.

4. When you're done, click Pause Timer and save your entry.

Now, when I need to submit my calls to accounting, I just print out the list of phone calls from my Journal or copy and paste the list of calls into an Office document.

To view a list of all the phone calls in your journal:

1. Go to your Journal folder.

2. From the View menu, choose Current View, and then click Phone Calls.

Editor's Note: In Outlook 2000, you can also use the new Contact Activity Tracking feature to get a list of all the phone calls, e-mails, or meetings related to a contact.

To view all the Journal items related to a contact:

1. Open the contact you want to view.

2. Click the Activities tab.

3. In the Show list, click Journal.

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