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Get the name of a control at runtime

Posted: 2002-06-01
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I've recently taken over a project from someone else, and I've been left with code that has few naming conventions and a lot of bugs. I often find myself stepping through code wanting to check the value of a field. Unfortunately, I don't know the field's name-it could be Name, UserName, NameUser, txtName, and so on. It's a real pain to stop the program, click on the control in question, press [F4], get the control name, start the program again, and return to the point in the code where I was before. Here's a handy trick to get the control name right away.
by Jeff Brown;; Pioneering Management Corporation

Original Author: Found on the World Wide Web


At runtime, set the focus to the control in question. Then, click the Break button on the VB toolbar, type
in the debug window, and press [Enter]. Voila! VB displays the control name in the debug window-and you didn't have to stop the program.

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