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Getting a Reference to a VB 5.0 UserControl

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 5.0 allows you to use UserControls to create ActiveX controls in your projects. The following code snippet does two things: It gets a reference to the form in which a UserControl is placed, and it gets a reference to that control on the form. by David Mendlen

Original Author: Found on the World Wide Web


Dim PControl As Object
Dim MyControl As Control
Dim AControl As Object
'Get my UserControl
For Each AControl In ParentControls
  If AControl.Name = Ambient.DisplayName Then
    Set MyControl = AControl
    Exit For
  End If
'Get the Form UserControl is on
Set PControl = ParentControls.Item(1).Parent
While Not (TypeOf PControl Is Form)   Set PControl = PControl.Parent

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