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Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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A StreamCipher encryption similar to the first 'Cipher' but now it can encrypt any text or binary file.

Original Author: John Cui


PlainText(the text to be encrypted/decrypted), Secret(the password)


There is only one function to Encrypt/Decrypt the strings. It is to this point stable that you can encrypt the same string multiple times using different passwords every time and then decrypt in the reverse order.


Encrypted/Decrypted string

Side Effects

I tested the code in VB6.0 but I mainly used code that's been part of VB for a while so it should work with ver. 3 and up. One side effect is the cipher speed. It's still a little slow but I'm working on an 8, 16, and 32 cipher code which would hopefully be fast. Warning!! Keep the strings your working with in memory rather than in an object such as a textbox because there would be loss of data when a string with ascii < 32 is used in a textbox.

API Declarations


Public Function Cipher(PlainText, Secret)
Dim a, b, c
Dim pTb, cTb, cT
For i = 1 To Len(PlainText)
  pseudoi = i Mod Len(Secret)
  If pseudoi = 0 Then pseudoi = 1
  a = Mid(Secret, pseudoi, 1)
  b = Mid(Secret, pseudoi + 1, 1)
  c = Asc(a) Xor Asc(b)
  pTb = Mid(PlainText, i, 1)
  cTb = c Xor Asc(pTb)
  cT = cT + Chr(cTb)
  Form1.Label1.Caption = i
Next i
EnCipher = cT
End Function

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